US FEG Investment Advisors selects Diligend solution to automate and digitalise investment managers operational due diligence

FEG Investment Advisors (FEG), an independent investment consulting and OCIO firm, has selected Diligend, a provider of investment management software, to automate and digitalise the collection of manager data and documents in its operational due diligence (ODD) of investment managers across public and private markets and hedge funds.

FEG partnered with Diligend to support the growth and centralisation of its ODD practice to provide a more effective and efficient due diligence process.

Diligend specialises in the collection and in-depth analysis of qualitative and quantitative manager data, from initial onboarding to ongoing monitoring for ODD, manager research, ESG and compliance teams. The technology frees up much-needed time by automating and simplifying processes that previously required a heavy manual workload. With Diligend’s technology solution, FEG will be able to efficiently collect and digitise both qualitative and quantitative information and produce ODD reports providing scoring on important operational tenets.

“The flexible nature of Diligend’s platform combined with their ongoing innovation will enable us to more efficiently support our growing client base and their evolving due diligence needs and expectations,” says Douglas Walouke, CFA, Director of Operational Due Diligence at FEG. “Building upon FEG’s historical diligence efforts with our dedicated ODD practice under development, we identified Diligend as the right fit because their technology solutions will not only help streamline our due diligence processes, but will also enable us to perform critical in-depth analysis and improved reporting on our clients’ investment managers.”

Diligend’s platform gives consultant clients the ability to more easily gather comprehensive and accurate timely due diligence data from their investment managers, allowing them in turn to bring increased oversight and tailored analysis to their own clients.

“We are delighted to have FEG as a client and to have the opportunity to work closely with their team to efficiently digitise their due diligence processes. We are looking forward to a successful long- term relationship with FEG,” says Louise Verga, Managing Partner at Diligend.