SteelEye adds Refinitiv multi-asset market data to regtech Suite

SteelEye, a compliance technology and data analytics firm, has incoported Refinitiv market data on its platform. 

Refinitiv provides a wide range of cross-asset data, with 7.3 million price updates per second for over 84 million instruments and 2.5 terabytes of real-time pricing daily. 

A wide range of this market data is now available in SteelEye, more than doubling the amount of reference sources used to enhance SteelEye’s market abuse algorithms and Transaction Cost Analysis services. As a result, clients can carry out investigations and analysis across multiple asset classes and regions, strengthening the coverage, accuracy, and timeliness of the entire SteelEye RegTech suite.

“We are pleased to have been selected by SteelEye as a trusted data provider and look forward to seeing how SteelEye uses our data for the benefit of its clients,” says Ian Brocklehurst, Head of Data Platform at Refinitiv. 

“With Refinitiv’s extensive breadth of high-quality multi-asset market data we can offer clients faster and more accurate investigations and analyses,” says Matt Storey, Chief Product Officer at SteelEye. “This enables compliance teams to refine alerts and build a more comprehensive picture of their trading activity, benchmarked against the wider financial markets.”