Truvalue Labs unveils investor tool to measure portfolio alignment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

impact investing

Truvalue Labs has launched a suite of data products that capture both positive and negative company performance related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in real time, uncovering risks and opportunities for investors.

The AI-driven data firm calls it an “industry first”, since its dataset measures company alignment to the SDGs based on real-world actions and impacts. 

This differs from what Truvalue Labs calls the “traditional method of determining alignment with the SDGs”, which involves measuring the company-reported revenues tied to each goal.

“We appreciate the independent perspective on company performance that Truvalue Labs provides through its ESG data," says Faith Ward, chief responsible investment officer, Brunel Pension Partnership. "We’re excited to see Truvalue Labs harnessing its AI acumen to help investors report on real world outcomes for beneficiaries – and doing so through the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals." 

“We’re thrilled to introduce this first-of-its-kind product suite built around the Sustainable Development Goals that fills a void in the impact investment space and makes SDG analysis truly actionable,” says Hendrik Bartel, CEO and co-founder of Truvalue Labs. “This new offering showcases the power of our AI Engine which enables us to quickly develop and launch products around new frameworks. Rapid, flexible product development is critical in keeping up with evolving regulations and helping investors to meet their client demands.”

The dataset covers more than 19,000 public and private companies with history from 2007 to today. A second dataset, Truvalue SDG Spotlight Events uses a proprietary algorithm to find positive and negative events for each sustainable development goal.

The data is generated by analysing information from more than 100,000 sources including global and local news, trade publications, government, academic, NGOs and legal publications.