TRG Screen to launch new Optimize platform for financial services firms

TRG Screen is to integrate enhanced versions of the company's suite of subscription management products into a new single platform called Optimize.

Optimize will be released through a phased program which will start in early 2021 with a new data spend management solution. Building on the best of FITS and INFOmatch with major functionality enhancements, Optimize Spend will provide the next generation of market data spend management. So much more than just an “inventory system”, Optimize Spend will offer a complete end-to-end market data subscription spend management solution. It spans demand management, supply management and financial management with vendor management at its core, and critical capabilities for proactive contract compliance.
TRG Screen enables more than 400 organisations worldwide to monitor and manage their high value enterprise subscriptions, delivering up to 30 per cent cost savings. It has extended its software suite to become the only vendor offering subscription spend, usage, compliance and enquiry products from one provider as an integrated offering. Optimize brings all these capabilities into one platform, allowing users to manage their entire subscription lifecycle in one place. The benefits are far ranging, most notably the unique subscription management insights hub – Optimize Insights – which adds an important new dimension to subscription management.
Optimize Insights takes data from across TRG Screen’s entire software suite and automates analysis to unlock actionable insights. With an advanced understanding of their subscriptions, users can quickly identify opportunities to optimize both spend and usage, realising the full value of their market data and other high value subscriptions. Users can:
• Make data-driven decisions that have a direct impact on subscription spend.

• Identify whether they are wasting money on unfulfilled and underused subscriptions.

• Take action to reduce expenditure and maximise usage.

• Track, monitor and demonstrate compliance with vendor agreements.
Automate workflows and manage enquiries for proactive and efficient subscription management.
“The Optimize platform integrates critical capabilities for managing complex enterprise subscriptions to provide next generation capabilities for market data and enterprise subscription management,” says Richard Mundell, Chief Product Officer at TRG Screen. “Optimize Spend is a true best-of-breed solution bringing together the best of 20 years of FITS and INFOmatch. Coupled with Optimize Insights it moves the industry into the future with automation and intelligence to allow you to truly optimise your subscription landscape.”
After the initial release of Optimize Spend in early 2021, the programme will continue until the complete TRG Screen product suite has been enhanced and introduced to the platform.