Indus Valley Partners sees accelerated adoption of a digital-first model by global asset managers

Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a provider of technology solutions and services to the buy side, is seeing an accelerated adoption of a digital-first operating model among its client base of 140-plus global asset managers.

“Over the course of the past six months, the pandemic has forced everyone to work remotely, further illustrating to senior leadership the benefits of being digital-first in all core fund processes from front to back," says Gurvinder Singh, CEO of Indus Valley Partners. "We have also seen and heard through conversations with clients that many now want to take advantage of the pandemic’s majority-remote model to accelerate their digital transformation plans in order to achieve flexibility, control and a cost reduction in their platforms by leveraging digital-first outsourcing providers, native cloud platforms and data management core competencies.”

Taking a closer look at the past six months, IVP has seen significant interest and broad growth among its client base in core areas such as:
Data Management (IVP EDM) – As firms stepped away from their offices and quickly moved to a remote access environment, the need for data management and governance grew exponentially. Prior to the pandemic, many did not possess the ability to sift through and classify data in a consistent manner to ensure the safe and reliable flow of information between service providers. This has since changed as firms are embracing the concept of a data layer, which has subsequently led to the increased use and adoption of cloud technology to continue operating effectively.
Treasury (IVP Treasury) & Cash Management (IVP Cash Master) – Innovation in these areas have taken shape as firms can no longer operate efficiently while using manual-based spreadsheets and workarounds due to the heightened risk of error and time-consuming nature of these processes in the remote environment. As a result, managers are now embracing digital-first providers at an exponential rate to help them meet new “access anytime, anywhere” demands, avoid simple mistakes, reduce firm-wide risk and drive cost savings. 
Digital-First Managed Services – The decentralised, remote environment facing managers during the past six months showcased the importance of an operating model that harnesses automation and outsourcing. As managers shifted from the triage of remote working challenges to establishing operational continuity, many deployed digital-first managed services to bolster their efficiency, reduce costs and enable faster insight generation. Moving forward, the trend of outsourcing specific processes to digital-first managed services will only continue to grow in importance.
“The industry is facing an environment where cost-cutting initiatives have become even more crucial. With the implementation of a digital-first model, we are seeing many of our clients quickly realise a number of cost and operational efficiencies that have helped them navigate our new normal. We strongly believe firms that look to a digital-first operating model to achieve success will ultimately emerge stronger, become more profitable and see heightened levels of growth in a post-pandemic world,” says Singh.