Major financial institutions adopt latest Chronicle FIX solution

Chronicle Software (Chronicle), a specialist provider of low-latency technology solutions for the financial services industry, says its latest trading software has helped two tier-one capital markets organisations increase their trading platform performance.

The first, a global tier-one investment bank, has selected Chronicle FIX to replace its existing FIX engines, beginning with Equities and then continuing across all asset classes. Chronicle has a longstanding relationship with the bank and has previously achieved significant functional and performance improvements across their connectivity and integration layers.

The second, a major North American financial markets infrastructure provider, will be replacing its current supplier. Chronicle FIX demonstrated consistently faster performance when benchmarked against multiple FIX Engines, including the incumbent.
The decision to choose Chronicle was enhanced by two additional factors.

Firstly, a pricing model that ensured the costs and budget requirements were fully transparent, with costs remaining fixed even as the number of connections and servers increase over time.

And secondly, full access to the source code that delivered flexibility in development and deployment. The perpetual licensing model ensures that as in-house skills and experience of Chronicle’s products are developed, the client’s own technology team is able to deliver solutions across the business.

Peter Lawrey, CEO of Chronicle Software, says: “It is exciting that as we continue to expand our portfolio of global institutional clients we are becoming increasingly recognised as a major supplier of high-throughput, performant and scalable Java-based FIX solutions.

“We have always prioritised research and development activity to ensure that our technology is consistently ahead of the rest of the field.”
In response to requests from the growing client base Chronicle has also recently introduced a number of product enhancements.