Backstop Solutions Group launches enhanced version of multi-asset class RMS platform

Backstop Solutions Group, a cloud-based productivity suite for institutional and alternative investors, has launched a new version of its Multi-Asset Class Research Management System (RMS) for institutional allocators and research intermediaries. 

The platform enables organisations like pensions, endowments, foundations, family offices, investment consultants, and wealth management research teams to track research and due diligence on any asset class. Whether hedge funds, private equity, real estate, fixed income, equities, natural resources, oil exploration, or art and other exotic asset classes, Backstop’s Multi-Asset Class RMS provides the ability for research teams to self-configure asset-specific fields, allowing users to employ their preferred processes, data, and nomenclature for maximum productivity.

“We are releasing our most advanced Multi-Asset Class RMS yet,” says Mike Kurze, Director, Capital Lifecycle at Backstop Solutions Group. “As a result, investment research teams working within Backstop will no longer be limited in what strategies, vehicles, or asset classes they can research. Furthermore, the flexibility and configuration capabilities offered in this latest evolution of Backstop’s RMS enables multiple asset class teams to work within one system for unified analysis and reporting. Greater efficiencies and synergies are gained when multiple teams are working from the same RMS, and now more than ever, the need to be efficient while maintaining productivity and collaboration across remote teams is critical to business continuity.”
Backstop’s newest RMS significantly reduces the time and effort it requires to create a cohesive view and analysis of information that draws on multiple asset classes by eliminating the information silos and process differences that often exist between them. As a result, investment teams are able to be more productive and yield greater insight in their research efforts. Moreover, Backstop’s Multi-Asset Class RMS cuts out the extra noise for allocators researching and tracking disparate asset classes, allowing them to work in the way that makes the most sense for them.
“It’s refreshing to use a solution that doesn’t require us to adjust our processes to the software,” says Brad Long, Partner and Research Director, Global Public Markets at DiMeo Schneider and Associates, LLC. “With Backstop’s robust and sophisticated Multi-Asset Class RMS, we can configure the system to accommodate our own processes, our own data and our own language. Furthermore, the ability to track key data on any asset class, from private and public funds to real estate and real assets, is really game-changing in terms of our productivity and efficiency.”