DWS appoints Desiree Fixler as Group Sustainability Officer

DWS has appointed Desiree Fixler as Group Sustainability Officer (GSO). Fixler will be based in London and will report to CEO, Asoka Woehrmann. 

Fixler joins from US alternative investment specialist ZAIS, where she served as Portfolio Manager and Managing Director for Impact Investing, having previously held senior positions at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch.

The GSO role – which has been newly created – will come into effect in August 2020, and is designed to ensure we implement an ESG strategy that is consistent across all regions, and fully aligns with our duties both as a fiduciary and as a corporate. Key responsibilities include orchestrating all of DWS’s sustainability efforts globally across the entire value chain, linking all of the teams working on sustainability topics across the firm.
Asoka Woehrmann, CEO of DWS, says: “The appointment of our GSO is a huge step for us in creating a holistic approach to ESG at DWS. We are delighted to have Desiree on board to drive our sustainability strategy forward. She has a fantastic track record in responsible investing, as well as valuable experience in global capital markets and product innovation. Her proven ability to develop ESG risk management, policy and reporting frameworks also makes her the perfect fit to elevate DWS’s status to become a leading ESG asset manager globally.”
Desiree’s role also complements recent organisational changes, as she will work closely with all business areas to embed sustainability into everything we do.
Desiree says: “I look forward to joining DWS as Group Sustainability Officer, a firm that already has over 20 years of heritage in sustainable investing. I am excited to apply and share my knowledge and experience in responsible investing, which I have been building since as far back as 2005. Becoming GSO also allows me to advance a common goal that I have with DWS: to mainstream ESG integration and impact investing across the entire value chain of asset management.”