Matrix IDM integrates FinTech Studios’ AI and machine learning intelligent search functionality

Matrix IDM, a solutions provider to asset owners and managers, has successfully integrated FinTech Studios platform into the Matrix offering. Matrix users now have the enhanced ability to track all news relating to their portfolios across all asset classes including private equity. 

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, FinTech Studios delivers smart search technology, combined with user-defined channels, dashboards, and dynamic alerts to instantly provide highly relevant news, research, and market analytics in real-time. covers millions of public and private companies, people, topics and market events from millions of global sources, all available in 42 languages.

Neil Lotter, co-CEO of Matrix IDM, comments: “Like everyone else, the investment community is having to deal with volatile trading conditions, so having instant access to real-time, accurate news is more important than ever. The integration of the FinTech Studios solution into Matrix means our customers now have a more comprehensive view of their portfolios and are able to make informed decisions much faster than before. We are enjoying working with the FinTech Studios team and are confident that this relationship will deliver significant added value to our growing client base.”

Jim Tousignant, FinTech Studios’ CEO, concludes: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Matrix IDM. I have been following the company for a while and believe their technology-first approach is fully aligned with ours. By using innovative solutions, we are able to deliver enhanced business capabilities at a lower cost than the market is typically accustomed to. Both Matrix and FinTech Studios’ are on an upward trajectory and I am really looking forward to what’s in store for us both.”