SEI Master Trust automates transfers with Origo

The SEI Master Trust, part of the SEI Institutional Group’s outsourced investment management services, has joined the Origo Transfer Service, which automates transfers of pensions, ISAs and GIAs for over 130 brands in the UK. Origo has transferred over GBP200 billion for the industry since launching in 2008.

The SEI Master Trust offers a fully bundled solution for employers delivering defined contribution schemes, helping clients meet financial objectives, reduce business risk, and fulfil their due diligence requirements through implemented strategies. 

Anthony Rafferty, managing director at Origo, says: “Origo Transfer Service is a tried, tested and trusted service delivering for customers year on year. It is a natural fit with Master Trusts, and we are delighted that the SEI Master Trust has joined the Origo Transfer Service community. 

“By automating transfers the service is fundamental in helping providers deliver faster and better service and outcomes to their members and clients.”

David Snowdon, director of DC Solutions in SEI's Institutional Group, says: “The SEI Master Trust has been constantly evolving to meet member needs since its launch in 2007, so the decision to partner with Origo and utilise its Transfer Service was taken as part of this continuous improvement programme.

“It is hugely important to both SEI and the Trustee that our members receive excellent service. With an increasing number of members wanting to consolidate legacy pensions swiftly and securely into the Master Trust and SEI’s clear focus on efficient use of lean process technology, implementing the Origo Transfer Service was the logical decision.”