DiligenceVault reaches 12,000 users on digital diligence platform

DiligenceVault has reached a milestone, with over 12,000 users on its platform ecosystem, which helps asset managers and investors digitise and automate information exchange workflows to improve diligence experiences.

DiligenceVault addresses a common pain point for both asset managers across public markets, hedge funds, and private markets and their institutional and wealth investors – the lack of a two-sided, centralised, and digital diligence platform. 

DiligenceVault enables manager research, operational due diligence, ESG, compliance, finance and risk teams to collect both qualitative and quantitative information in a structured format that facilitates analysis, decision-making, and reporting, while making it easy for their asset managers. Asset owners such as University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management and other investment offices of endowments, family offices, foundations, insurance companies, plan sponsors, and sovereign wealth funds are accelerating adoption of DiligenceVault.

OCIOs, investment consultants, funds of funds, and bank wealth platforms have also integrated DiligenceVault in their research processes, including Goldman Sachs Asset Management, IDB Capital, NEPC, and Wells Fargo Investment Institute. Sam Kirkland, a Research Director within the Global Manager Research team at Wells Fargo Investment Institute comments: “DiligenceVault helps us collect timely data at scale, which powers our research and monitoring efforts. What’s unique about DiligenceVault is that they also make it easy for us to create new questionnaires and data requests, allowing us to quickly respond to changing markets.”

Asset managers participate in the DiligenceVault ecosystem to respond to investor requests digitally. Further, their investor relations and RFP teams can maintain a reusable, centralised content repository, along with workflow oversight and analytics that enable timely, high-quality and transparent information delivery to their investor clients. DiligenceVault is excited to be offering strategic value to these asset managers by enabling an institutional memory, providing insights on their product traction, enhancing their standing with investors, and reducing time to revenues.

“At DiligenceVault, we are thrilled to announce a few select trusted partnerships which speak to the commitment of the industry to create a centralised two-sided ecosystem and to the value of such an ecosystem as the industry goes through a digital transformation,” says Monel Amin, the company’s founder and CEO. “As managers and investors digitally engage in the ecosystem with unprecedented speed and volume, our clients in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA can count on the DiligenceVault team and technology to be by their side at every step along the way.”