Sentifi detects market momentum with new alt-data offering

Sentifi has launched new alternative data-based investment analytics from social media, news, and blogs to offer institutional investors real-time views of when market momentum is moving in an unexpected direction.

Sentifi's new analytics include detection of sector, industry outliers, ESG events with potential asset valuation impact, investment themes trending real-time whilst offering investors the ability to detect outliers within their own portfolio. Investors can assess portfolio sentiment performance to a custom benchmark and quickly identify market events along with impacted sectors, industries and assets. Sentifi's analytics have been independently verified with rigorous backtests.

Sentifi's mature AI platform purposely built processes over 1 million structured data points and more than 130 million unstructured data points on a daily basis to distill investment signals from over 15 million credible market influencers. 

"Sentifi's AI platform has been built to solve the complex problem of detecting investment signals from large volumes of unstructured data in the form of social media, news and blogs,'' says Marina Goche, Sentifi's CEO. "Institutional Investors are struggling to make sense of available data, real-time, to assess when asset valuations are changing. Sentifi's unique alternative data based analytics completes the 360-degree view necessary for institutional investors to make informed investment decisions.”