Refinitiv expands real-time data feed to cover Australian bank bills pricing

Refinitiv is expanding its data distribution agreement with Yieldbroker to provide Bank Bills pricing to customers. The partnership enables Refinitiv to provide market participants with information relating to short-term funding, balance sheet management, hedging strategies, necessary instrument valuation, and risk management.

In these unprecedented times where volatility has significantly increased and funding sources are stressed, having access to real-time data feeds is critical to the ability of institutions to function and react appropriately to market conditions. To assist market participants in the current environment and with the impact of Covid-19, Refinitiv customers will have access to Yieldbroker Bank Bills pricing in Eikon on a rolling free trial basis. 

Financial professionals can access Yieldbroker data in their own applications as well as their Eikon desktops, and with backloaded historical data, can select deployment to various use cases in Front, Middle and Back Office functions.

“Having the underlying tick by tick pricing as well as historical data, provides unique insight into the Australian Bank Bills pricing and activity,” says Daryl Sisson, managing director, Asia Pacific at Refinitiv.

“The real-time pricing generated from Yieldbroker’s trading platform is the best representation of the live Australian Bank Bills and NCDs market rates as it includes executable bids and offers (yield and volume) of Prime Bank Bills paper submitted via Yieldbroker,” he adds.

Yieldbroker is the main trading platform for Australian Bank Bills and NCDs and is also the dominant Approved Trading Venue (ATV) through which transactions in underlying Prime Bank Paper are reported and used as a key input into the calculation of the BBSW daily fixing rate by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

"We are pleased to be able to expand our data distribution partnership with Refinitiv. Yieldbroker is committed to helping market participants respond to the unique challenges of the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces. In these challenging times, we believe being able to provide key Bank Bills pricing to a wider user base for pre and post trade analytics, monitoring and decision making is essential,” says Anthony Robson, chief executive officer, Yieldbroker.  

He adds: “The continued focus on delivering market transparency, trading efficiencies and overall compliance during times of market stress, further exemplifies how Yieldbroker is committed to providing key market data which can be used for necessary price verification and validation across the transaction life cycle. The Refinitiv data distribution makes this Bank Bills data easily available to market participants across the global financial community.”