German stock market trade volumes up 168 per cent since corona crisis onset, shows infographic

Around EUR170 billion worth of DAX shares were traded via Deutsche Börse AG in March. In contrast this figure was a mere EUR63.5 billion in December 2019. 

As shown in a new infographic from, trading volumes for ETFs have also increased substantially. The company’s turnover in March was 189 per cent higher than in the same month last year.

Meanwhile, a rising demand for shares is not only reflected in turnovers at stock exchanges. Google data also show that global search volumes have risen sharply, particularly in the wake of the stock market crash on 19 February. As the infographic illustrates, investors are increasingly looking for shares in companies currently struggling with the effects of the corona pandemic. According to the chart, securities for aviation and automotive companies are especially popular.

Demand for digital currencies is also growing. This is manifested not only in higher trading volumes on exchanges, but also in an increased flow of visitors to cryptocurrency information platforms. Total visits are up by as much as 87 per cent since the outbreak of the corona crisis.

"Although extraordinary market conditions also carry considerable risk, large fortunes are often accumulated during a crisis," says crypto-scene analyst Raphael Lulay. "Against this backdrop a sharp rise in trading volumes is not paricularly surprising."  

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