Los Angeles Capital joins Climate Action 100+ initiative

Los Angeles Capital has joined the Climate Action 100+ initiative as the firm expands its active engagement efforts. 

Climate Action 100+ is an investor-led project that actively engages with the world’s 100 largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters, while also collaborating with more than 60 companies that have a significant opportunity to drive the clean energy transition.

“Research surrounding the risks and opportunities associated with climate change has been a core focus of the firm’s research agenda in the recent years. As a quantitative manager, data is at the heart of our investment process. Los Angeles Capital has joined Climate 100+ in an effort to help strengthen the disclosure of climate-related financial information, as well as to encourage companies to improve the governance of this issue,” says Hal Reynolds, CIO and founding partner, Los Angeles Capital.

“Another goal is for companies to become more ambitious in their actions to position their business models favourably as the world transitions to a lower carbon and more circular economy. Management of material ESG risks and opportunities is a key aspect of our assessment of a company’s long-term value creation,” comments Laina Draeger, director of portfolio strategy and responsible investment, Los Angeles Capital. “Active engagement on climate-related issues helps us create value for our clients while pushing for a more efficient financial system globally. Investors require accurate and comparable data across companies to allow for prudent decision making that adequately incorporates sustainability issues.”

Los Angeles Capital is a global equity firm managing assets for leading institutions around the world. The firm is recognised as a pioneer in dynamic equity management, utilising proprietary technology to engineer equity portfolios that adapt to today's equity market. The firm believes that considering material ESG and climate-related factors is integral to the firm’s fiduciary responsibility and core investment philosophy of building adaptive and forward-looking portfolios that capture shifting investor preferences. 

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