Facteus launches research tool for investment and business analysts

Financial data firm Facteus, formerly ARM Insight, has announced the general availability of its Enlightmint research tool, as well as a free trial of the product.

The tool provides insight into business revenue drivers and the underlying consumer spending behaviours that drive them. It is based on transactional data sourced directly from financial institutions and payments companies to a broad range of investors, analysts, and business executives. Enlightmint provides intelligent insights gleaned from millions of consumer transactions across more than 730 companies and 270 publicly traded stock tickers, with more added monthly.

Enlightmint's key features include:

  • Intuitive online user interface that enables analysts to structure analysis to quickly provide empirical data to key business questions
  • Dashboards that can be customised to reveal inflection points and transaction trends for specific merchants, stock tickers, or specific industries
  • The ability to drill into cohorts and demographic information to better understand how consumer behaviours impact economic trends and company performance.

“Alternative data, and in particular payments data, has been the purview of a small number of very sophisticated investment companies, who have the ability to handle and analyse very large volumes of data,” says Octavio Marenzi, the co-founder and CEO of Opimas, a management consultancy focused on global capital markets. “Now, a much broader set of market participants who do not have the necessary quantitative or data handling capabilities are turning to payments information to inform their investment decisions. We are seeing the democratisation of alternative data."

With Enlightmint, investors, consultants, government agencies, academics and businesses now have access to one of the largest consumer transaction panels, with the broadest demographic and geographic coverage available today. This includes visibility into groups which are traditionally underrepresented in other transaction data sets – Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z – as well as early adopters of innovative financial products and technology. Enlightmint provides three years of historical transaction data for context to current shifts in consumer spending trends, transaction frequency and velocity, purchase price movements and competitive set analysis.

“Powerful, real-world financial transaction data was previously only available to the largest financial firms in the world, but with Enlightmint, we are bringing that same tier of insight-rich data to a wider breadth of investors and analysts,” says Randy Koch, CEO, Facteus. “With our secure synthetic data technology at its core, Enlightmint ensures that our clients have no data security, regulatory, or privacy risk, while also receiving accurate, real-time trends across many economic sectors.”

The data that powers Enlightmint has been processed through Facteus’ Mimic synthetic data engine. Mimic eliminates all personally identifiable information (PII) within the raw transactional logs by creating a synthetic representation of every transaction. The synthetic data maintains statistically accurate transaction information without carrying any of the risks associated with consumer data security, privacy, or compliance violations from stringent industry regulations such as GDPR, GLBA, PCI, CCPA and more.