Volante Technologies joins US Faster Payments Council

Volante Technologies, a global provider of payments and financial messaging, has joined the US Faster Payments Council, a membership organisation devoted to advancing faster payments in the United States.

As a member of the council, Volante will be joining as a voting member in the technology providers segment to further address issues that inhibit the adoption of faster payments.

In the US, Volante has enabled real-time payment over The Clearing House RTP network, and has been an active participant within the Faster Payments Task Force. Internationally, the company has been driving the modernisation of payments, helping banks of all sizes process real-time payments, as a service in the cloud or on-premise, for regional frameworks such as UK Faster Payments, Mexico SPEI, and EU SEPA instant. Recently, the company launched its free RTP as a service program, eliminating the onboarding and service costs typically associated with connecting to new payments rails.

“As an independent, solution-agnostic member organisation, the FPC is in a unique position to work with all industry stakeholders and tackle challenges that may be more difficult to address through bilateral cooperation alone,” says Reed Luhtanen, executive director of the Faster Payments Council. “We look forward to leveraging Volante’s expertise in payments innovation and transformation across the bank spectrum.”

Ganesh Srinivasan, director global head of partnerships and alliances at Volante, says: “We’re on the verge of a transformation in how we make payments in the United States. Rapid technology innovation, cloud adoption, and the demand for smarter, faster payments, present a huge opportunity – and not just for the large banks. We want to give the smaller banks an equal opportunity to participate in the real-time revolution and build a sustainable competitive advantage as well.”

Srinivasan continues: “As a new member of the US Faster Payments Council, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge to help the community define best practices and standards to help further drive the adoption of faster payments. We are fully committed to this initiative and we look forward to collaborating with our fellow members.”