ChartIQ unveils real-time term structure graph for fixed income market

ChartIQ, a financial software company, has launched its term structure graph for the fixed income and derivatives markets.

The new solution is the first widely available real-time interactive chart to support FICC market participants. The release expands ChartIQ into a new category of the financial industry.

FICC vendors and financial institution will now be able to offer an interactive, real-time data visualisation solution to fixed income divisions. Users can contextualise and visualise market activity in one chart that can be customised to use case – ranging from yield curve to option analytics. Highlights include the ability to differentiate between recent and stale data points to understand market activity, and to drill down to see a time series chart for multiple instruments.

“Recent market volatility associated with the Covid-19 crisis has revealed a critical need for digital transformation in the fixed income sector,” says Dan Schleifer, CEO of ChartIQ. “Our company has created an ecosystem of tools that have changed the way financial companies do business, and now we’re able to extend that opportunity to an underserved segment of the market.”

Term structure graph includes capabilities that allow FICC divisions to see price fluctuations instantaneously and make better, more informed decisions. Advantages of using term structure graph include:

  • Full data transparency and visualisation
  • Real-time live graphic display of market activity
  • Time-stamped and highlighted data points to emphasise recent updates
  • Dynamic spread calculator to understand any cross security or curve relationship
  • Directly launch a time series chart for historical analysis
  • Customised to support an array of securities, including futures, swaps, forwards, and options

“The economic disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the fixed income sector to evolve quickly,” comments ChartIQ’s vice president of product management, Eugene Sorenson. “We are opening the door to a powerful, real-time graphic solution that has previously only been available on premium systems with limited access. Now, our clients can better support their FICC users by allowing them to visualise and understand the rapid changes and fluctuations in market activity as they occur and ultimately, gain a clearer picture of liquidity and economic expectations.”