Marlborough launches euro and US dollar share classes for Irish-domiciled fund of funds range

The Marlborough Group has launched euro and US dollar-denominated share classes for its UCITS fund of funds range domiciled in Ireland.

The four funds – Marlborough Defensive, Marlborough Cautious, Marlborough Balanced and Marlborough Adventurous – are constructed as all-in-one risk-graded portfolios.

Managed by Marlborough’s experienced multi-asset team, the funds are diversified across a range of global asset classes, providing high-quality outsourced investment solutions for advisers.

The new fully hedged euro and US dollar share classes are designed to replicate the performance of the existing sterling shares, while offering the convenience of being denominated in investors’ local currency. They are available for investment now and were priced for the first time yesterday (Tuesday, 21 April 2020).

Linda Johnstone, Marlborough Group’s International Head of Business Development, says: “We’ve had a lot of interest in our Irish-domiciled funds of funds from advisers serving the international market, many of whom told us their clients would value euro and US dollar share classes.

“As a group, we’re strong believers in working in partnership with advisers, so we’ve acted on what they’ve told us to create these additional currency options and provide a comprehensive range of share classes for our investors.”

The fund of funds range, which was launched on 1st May 2019, is available through a number of life companies and international investment platforms.

The UCITS management company for the funds is IFSL International, which is the Marlborough Group’s Irish ‘Super ManCo’.