SOTERIA launches additional compliant video conferencing platform for suite of regulated virtual office and mobility solutions

Video conference

Communication Capture and Surveillance specialist, SOTERIA, has added Teams to its agnostic compliant video conferencing offerings, following on from recent integrations with a number of other preferred industry platforms, including ZOOM, BlueJeans, and Skype for Business.

As regulatory demands on Financial Services firms remain unwavering during the Covid-19 crisis, and the FCA shows no leniency in expectations despite the significant upheaval that new remote working mandates have created, such firms are under increased pressure to ensure their Business Continuity Measures are both comprehensive and effective.

Part of these measures naturally involve implementing highly-secure and compliant methods of communication across voice, electronic and, now more than ever video conferencing platforms, to ensure daily business can be carried out effectively and most importantly, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

SOTERIA, the SaaS-based integrated communication solution that captures and analyses all manner of audio and electronic communication channels in real-time, is known for its highly-available, highly-redundant, and proven-secure private cloud infrastructure that ensures cost-effective and immediately accessible storage for all communication types, in one place. Indeed, the platform is currently used by 10 of the top 12 Tier 1 global banks. 

Given the vast amounts of data that video conferencing generates, the idea of compliantly recording channels prior to SOTERIA’s offering has been cost-prohibitive. Additionally, the ability to surveil conferencing content has needed a cloud-based architecture that captures raw data, doesn’t compress records, and which can use voice biometrics, language detection and embedded Voice-to-Text and Translation to generate scripts and alert upon its content; this is something that SOTERIA can provide.

This latest development is part of the continual evolution of SOTERIA’s ‘Compliant Virtual Office Suite’, which counts Truphone Mobile Recording (a solution that uses SOTERIA as its underpinning, in-line recording technology), Teams, Skype for Business and several OTT Mobile Communication Apps, including Movius and Telemessage, as part of their integrated audio channels. Coupled with SOTERIA’s array of over 60 integrated electronic channels and collaboration tools, including Slack, Webex and Dubber, and the ability to compliantly capture WhatsApp through the integrated Telemessage solution, it means that businesses can now create a robust Business Continuity framework across all methods of communication, and subsequently access and surveil all of their records in once place.

Additionally, the SOTERIA platform offers an accompanying immutable ledger for the entire lifecycle of captured and normalised data, as well as for all system and user activity, giving businesses the added confidence that they have a complete and untampered set of records for evidential integrity.

“Nobody could have predicted the current disruptive landscape that we find ourselves in, nor how the current pandemic would greatly expedite the need for more compliant collaboration tools to aid remote or agile working methods. However, what was previously considered as a ‘nice to have’ has now become a necessity," says Steve Garrood, Chief Commercial Officer. "Financial firms need to know that they can trust the regulatory compliance and security of new collaborative platforms as a result of being integrated to SOTERIA, especially during a period of time where they have been forced to procure solutions before their internal architectures and operations are fully prepared.”