Windham Capital launches ESG Risk Scaling Strategy

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Windham Capital Management, an asset management firm specialising in risk-based solutions, has launched the Windham ESG Risk Scaling strategy.

Windham’s ESG strategy is designed to deliver meaningful protection to a diversified portfolio of ESG-qualified ETFs during significant market drawdowns, while providing competitive returns in less adverse markets. 

“Increasingly, investors are shifting their focus toward sustainable investing,” says Mark Kritzman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Windham Capital Management. “Our goal is to offer a solution for sustainable investing which, at the same time, enables investors to grow and preserve their wealth.”

The strategy uses proprietary risk indicators based on Windham’s research to distinguish fragile risk regimes from resilient ones. Windham constructs blended portfolios of ESG-qualified ETFs and safer fixed income assets that are customised for each market regime. To identify transition points from one regime to another, Windham monitors the risk indicators daily, and at each transition point, rotates to the designated customised portfolio.

The new strategy complements Windham’s suite of risk-based strategies, including its diversified strategies, its risk regime strategies, and its risk premia strategy.