Forestalia selects Greenbyte to monitor rapidly expanding Spanish renewables portfolio

Solar panels

Forestalia, an independent power producer (IPP) of renewable energy, has selected Greenbyte’s monitoring platform to support the growth of its renewable energy portfolio in Spain – currently exceeding 6GW. 

A technology-agnostic ‘datahub’ able to evolve over time, Greenbyte will enable Forestalia to expand its operational portfolio without technological or geographical constraint.
Driven by domestic and international investment, Spain has become a European hotspot for renewable energy development, with 2019 seeing a total capacity increase of close to 2.3GW. Despite the phase out of subsidies, renewable energy now accounts for 50 per cent of Spain’s total installed generation capacity.
The availability of global capital has enabled sophisticated Spanish independent power producers (IPPs) such as Forestalia to rapidly expand their development and operational portfolios. This IPP emerged as one of the biggest winners from the government’s 2016 and 2017 renewable energy auctions, securing 1.9GW - almost 25 per cent of total capacity on offer, and allowing it to consolidate an additional 5.5GW pipeline to be put in operation in the following three years.
With Forestalia seeking to bring this substantial portfolio of new wind and solar plants online, the company has adopted Greenbyte to ensure high standards of asset management across its growing asset base. In order to optimise asset lifetime and productivity from day one, this IPP began using the platform prior to project construction and is now using the system at its first operational sites.
Through its user-friendly dashboards, Greenbyte will enable Forestalia to quickly identify issues at its renewable energy assets, regardless of the technology. In this way, Forestalia can enhance its risk mitigation strategy and overall decision-making, optimising the cost-effectiveness of its portfolio management and allowing its co-investors to access a user-friendly monitoring system with multiple dashboards and automatic reporting.
Oscar Perez Alonso, Sales Manager at Greenbyte, says: “With the Spanish market continuing to attract international investment, IPPs and other portfolio owners are increasingly turning to sophisticated monitoring and asset management systems as portfolios grow in size and complexity. By integrating Greenbyte at the very start of their growth, Forestalia will be able to manage assets at optimal performance and availability for their entire lifetime.”
Ismael Rai, Director of O&M at Forestalia, says: “As we continue to expand, we needed a software platform that enabled us to grow whilst also maximising the efficiency of our resources. Implementing Greenbyte from day one has been an important first step, supporting our ambition of maintaining the highest standards of asset performance, selecting a monitoring system that combines the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies, while continuing to expand and diversify our portfolio.”
Greenbyte has an established presence in Spain and has worked with a number of sophisticated independent producers of renewable energy across the region. More than 3GW of renewable energy assets owned by Spanish firms are now monitored in the platform.