IM extends Fee Analyzer for benchmarking firm portfolios against actual, post-negotiated fees

Investment Metrics (IM), a provider of institutional investment performance analytics and reporting solutions for the institutional investment community, has announced a new release of Fee Analyzer. 

Asset managers, asset owners, and investment consultants alike use Fee Analyzer to analyse actual post-negotiated asset manager fee data and gain competitive insights across the institutional investment landscape.

Since its release in 2019, Fee Analyzer has been providing a source of actual, post-negotiated fees across major asset classes, investment vehicles and plan types. With the new release of Fee Analyzer, firms can easily upload their active portfolios and compare them with custom universes of actual fees. The additional functionality also includes the ability to restrict universes to tighter mandate size ranges as well as limiting the fee universes to mandates that have opened or been renegotiated in the past 12-24 months. In addition, the new release expands the number of portfolios that power Fee Analyzer by more than 40 per cent.

Aggregated from over 500,000 live institutional portfolios, Fee Analyzer is one of the industry's most comprehensive source of actual post- negotiated fee data. The fees are extracted from the IM performance reporting platform used by leading institutional asset owners, representing over USD10 trillion assets under management.

"The relentless pressure to lower fees is driving strong demand for innovative technologies like Fee Analyzer that provide unparalleled visibility into actual, post-negotiated management fees being paid by institutional investors. This new world of openness surrounding fee data provides opportunities for all constituents in the institutional investment channel," says Blake McLaughlin, VP of Product Management at Investment Metrics.

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