JDX forms strategic AI-based document digitisation partnership with Seal Software

Financial services consulting firm JDX today has formed a new global strategic partnership with Seal Software, a specialist in enterprise contract analytics. 

The partnership will combine JDX’s strategic, technological and operations consulting expertise, as well as its extensive experience in AI-based document digitisation solutions, with industry-leading AI-based contract analytics from Seal.

The result will be a combined powerhouse solution designed to meet complex document digitisation challenges in the financial services enterprise. It will leverage JDX’s agile AI-building methodology, allowing customers to quickly pivot tactical documentation projects into a strategic roadmap of processing solutions. In addition, JDX now joins Seal Software’s Partner Program, and is building a discreet Seal practice that will advance contract analytics projects for its customers in financial services and banking.
The announcement follows the recent news that Seal expert Charles Post, has joined JDX to lead the firm’s US-based Consulting Services practice, and handle the partnership with Seal Software. Prior to joining JDX, Post was a managing counsel and director at BNY Mellon, where he led some of the industry’s most ambitious digitisation programs, including building and deploying an enterprise-class AI contract utility and managed service initiative at the global bank.
“JDX’s unique skills in the world of derivatives and financial products are becoming differentiators in the marketplace, and I am excited that Charles is joining at such a critical time as we look to enhance our outstanding in-house talent with even more industry leaders,” says Lucy Dorr, head of JDX’s global consulting services division,  “His deep AI and digitisation experience positions him perfectly to lead our partnership with Seal.”
Document digitisation allows an organisation to achieve pre-determined business objectives such as legal contract evaluation for costs savings and risk exposure, or ensuring records are legally acceptable and properly managed in compliance with complex financial services regulations and more general regulations, such as GDPR or data-privacy standards. Documents can be later assessed using Seal Software’s AI and machine learning framework to identify which documents need to be further reviewed or remediated to bring them into conformity.
“I am delighted to welcome JDX into the Seal family,” says John O’Melia, CEO at Seal Software. “Charles Post and JDX have a proven and recognised set of skills and capabilities in the financial services market, and partnering with them to deliver leading-edge AI technology to solve complex contract use cases is not only a core part of our overall strategy at Seal, but it also reflects our shared commitment to technological excellence for the financial services community.”
“Our partnership with Seal is a genuine marriage of technology and subject matter expertise for the financial services market,” says Post. “At JDX, we are focused on leveraging the Seal solution to improve productivity and efficiency in the financial services sector – from The City to Wall Street and beyond – and help our customers cut through the noise, get answers and take action.”