SIX trading turnover up 15.2 per cent in January

Trading turnover on the Swiss Stock Exchange was up +15.2 per cent on the previous month in January and reached CHF128.1 billion.

The number of transactions increased by +24.8 per cent to 6,150,285. In comparison with the corresponding period last year, trading turnover was up by +7.6 per cent, while the number of trades rose by +26.1 per cent. The SMI rose by +0.1 per cent and reached 10,627.9 points at the end of January.

The highest turnover on a single trading day was recorded on 17 January, which saw securities worth a total volume of CHF7.8 billion changing hands. The highest number of trades was recorded on 27 January, with 346,934 transactions. The stock that generated the highest turnover during the reporting month was NOVARTIS N with CHF13.5 billion; it was also the most traded stock with 362,306 transactions

In products with crypto currencies as underlyings, trading turnover in January 2020 reached CHF56.9 million, an increase of +256 per cent over the previous month. The number of trades in January reached 2,252 which corresponds to an increase of +145 per cent over the previous month. Currently, investors have a choice of products on seven different crypto currencies as well as on several baskets of crypto currencies. The product with the highest turnover, ZXBTAV, has Bitcoin as an underlying.