launches algo trading API for crypto traders, a provider of cryptocurrency products has launched a trading API for cryptocurrency traders to access the deep liquidity and fastest matching engine in crypto on the Exchange using automated trading algorithms.

The Exchange redefines speed, reliability, and liquidity, while fixing major pain points in trade execution that the industry has failed to address. Now with the Exchange API, traders can receive real-time market data and execute orders instantly, to help them capture an edge using programmatic trading strategies

The Exchange API is the latest addition to the suite of APIs the Company has engineered for developers, including the first bitcoin API. The Exchange API saw immediate adoption after a successful beta program, and has facilitated tens of millions of orders since November. 

“Programmable trading using high quality APIs is vital to the continued growth of efficient and liquid cryptocurrency markets,” says Xen Baynham-Herd, Executive Vice President of Product at “With the API and power of the Exchange, sophisticated traders will have the institutional-grade trading tools they need to maximize performance and never miss a trading opportunity.”

The launch of the API comes in response to the tremendous popularity of the Exchange’s deep liquidity and competitive pricing by quantitative traders and institutions. 

The Exchange has steadily grown its user base and trading volumes, while consistently releasing new features and assets. In just the last two months, it has launched support for GBP through the UK’s Faster Payments System, listed popular crypto project Algorand, and exclusively released the gold-backed token DGLD, increasing its asset offering to 34 live trading pairs.