Segall Bryant & Hamill launches Small Cap Core Mutual Fund

Segall Bryant & Hamill (SBH) has launched the SBH Small Cap Core Fund, an actively managed equity mutual fund available in retail and institutional share classes (SBHCX and SBASX, respectively). The Fund incepted on 31 December, 2019.

The Small Cap Core Fund seeks to identify companies that have historically generated, or are positioned to generate, superior returns on invested capital (ROIC). These companies must possess a sustainable competitive advantage, typically within niche markets, or an identifiable catalyst for ROIC improvement. The Fund utilises a core investment approach and consists of companies with market capitalisations that do not typically exceed the largest market capitalisation company in the Russell 2000 Index.

With the launch of the Small Cap Core Fund, retail investors now have access to SBH's Small Cap Core strategy, which has a long, successful track record and to date has only been available to institutional and accredited investors. Jeffrey C Paulis, CFA is the senior portfolio manager of the Fund and has been with SBH since 2003 and in the investment industry since 2001. Paulis is backed by a team of four experienced investment professionals who have been working together since 2013.


"With the launch of the SBH Small Cap Core Fund, we're excited to broaden investor access to a strategy we've been managing for nearly two decades," says Paulis. "Our disciplined research process, with the goal of discovering niche market focused companies with defendable competitive advantages and high ROIC or catalysts for ROIC change will continue to drive our goal of delivering consistent returns over the long term while emphasising capital preservation.''


The Fund represents an expansion of SBH's extensive small cap lineup and continues the firm's strategy of leveraging its investment expertise to offer best‐in‐class investment strategies to investors.

"By delivering a proven strategy to a new group of investors, SBH is fulfilling its commitment of offering competitive, diversified and actively managed investment solutions to the retail, intermediary, and institutional space," says Philip Hildebrandt, Chief Executive Officer.