E Fund HK appoints Lemanik as management company

E Fund Management (Hong Kong) (E Fund HK) has selected Lemanik Asset Management (Lemanik) as the Management Company for its Luxembourg UCITS E Fund Sicav - Fund, effective 1 December 2019.

The fund was first launched in 2015. E Fund HK has decided to partner with Lemanik to support its future international strategy in offshore funds.
E Fund, the parent company of E Fund HK, was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Guangzhou.
As of 30 September 2019, it is ranked No1 for assets under management* (excluding money market funds and short term funds) and is the only asset manager in China that has been consecutively ranked among top 5 for over 14 years since 2005. It has established its Hong Kong branch in 2008.
Management Companies are a key feature of Europe’s cross-border fund industry. While the Fund Manager can focus on investment decisions, the Management Company provides the regulatory, supervision and oversight framework to control and support the Fund's operations and distribution. By also dealing with the auditors and regulators, it is the ultimate responsible of the Fund and a window between EU regulations and asset managers around the world.
Carter Shi, Managing Director of E Fund HK, says: "We were looking for the top-tier Management Company to bring our Luxembourg UCITS investment vehicle to a new level. With Lemanik’s expertise in the European markets and its wide range of value-added services, we are convinced that they will be an extension of our team outside of Hong Kong and China."
Philippe Meloni, Lemanik Group CEO, says: "The world’s top fund manager will be Chinese.
E Fund has grown tremendously to become one of the largest fund management corporations in China and I have no doubt they will be a leading player globally. We are delighted to on-board their Ucits fund and look forward to supporting their growth "