Frost Investment Advisors launches Global Bond Fund

Frost Investment Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Frost Bank that provides investment management services to the Frost mutual funds, institutions and high net-worth individuals, has launched a new fund called the Global Bond Fund.

The fund is composed of selected corporate bonds from outside the United States. Initially the fund will hold bonds from established markets like Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan, but eventually will look for quality holdings from other markets as well.
"The Global Bond Fund uses the same management philosophy as our Total Return Bond Fund," says Jeffery Elswick, director of fixed income at Frost Investment Advisors. "Our customers have been asking for a fund that would give them more opportunities overseas, and the Global Bond Fund provides that."
The Global Bond Fund is Frost Investment Advisors' first fund composed primarily of non-US dollar bonds, but it builds on many years of the Frost team's expertise and performance in the bond markets. Because the US bond market makes up less than half of the total global bond market, and investors typically want some allocation in non-US markets, this is an opportune time for the fund's launch.