Vincent Chok, Legacy Trust

Legacy Trust launches First Digital Trust

Legacy Trust Company, a Hong-Kong licensed and Public Registered Trust Company is launching a new and independent business, First Digital Trust, to accommodate the growth of its digital asset custody arm.

The new venture will allow Legacy Trust to focus on its traditional trust and pensions business while giving First Digital Trust the flexibility to innovate in its delivery of digital asset custody, and to stay at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.
Early projections indicate First Digital Trust will have USD28 Billion worth of assets in custody within the next 3 years, cementing its place as an industry-leading player.
“As the industry continues to develop at a rapid pace, we must stay agile to keep abreast of regulatory and asset change. Legacy Trust has always prided itself on offering a reliable and secure service, and we’re excited to develop this in our new business, First Digital Trust,” says Vincent Chok (pictured), CEO of Legacy Trust and newly-instated Director and CEO at First Digital.
Legacy Trust, founded in 1992, was initially established as a traditional pension and family trustee, and began offering digital asset custody based on a demand borne of the ICO boom.
First Digital Trust will remain linked to Legacy Trust, but at an arm’s length – a relationship that is expected to slowly decline over time, allowing each company to generate meaningful partnerships, and to grow returns for shareholders in a sustainable way.
This means that First Digital will benefit from Legacy’s quarter of a century of custody experience, whilst having the freedom to expand and focus on the novel challenges of securing digital assets.
“Legacy Trust was the perfect incubator to develop the digital asset business we are now spinning out into First Digital Trust. We are bringing an unparalleled level of experience to a space that lacks trust, and intend to set the industry standard for compliant and transparent custodianship of digital assets,” says Gunnar Jaerv, COO at First Digital Trust and Head of Digital Assets at Legacy Trust.
First Digital Trust is also currently undertaking to raise funds to fuel the growth plans. As per sources close to the development, the company is in talks with venture capital funds to raise almost USD15 million in early series round in the coming months.
Legacy recently collaborated with Ledger on an institutional-grade digital asset storage solutions - Ledger Vault - and offers custody to TrustToken’s TrueHKD stablecoin reserves.

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