JHC partners with Ortec Finance

Wealth management fintech firm, JHC Systems (JHC), and Dutch based Ortec Finance are partnering to provide OPAL, a software solution for global financial institutions offering goal-based financial planning models, as a component to JHC’s Digital Wealth Platform.

This partnership builds on previous jointly-engaged initiatives between the two firms across EMEA, most recently in the UAE. The move has been driven by the growing demand for robo and (self-service) wealth and financial planning among wealth and brokerage businesses.

Ortec Finance will be providing an option for all JHC clients to have the capability to deploy OPAL. By leveraging Ortec Finance’s institutional investment risk management expertise, OPAL enables financial institutions to translate the goals of their clients into an optimal financial plan and monitor over time. The solution is available across both wealth management and retail brokerage firms and allows relationship managers and end-clients to optimise investment strategy. Ortec Finance’s pan-European expertise will enhance JHC’s global expansion initiatives and will support JHC in onboarding new clients.

Iwan Schafthuizen, Managing Director Business Development at Ortec Finance, says: “We always seek to partner with the best technology providers that meet the needs of our customers. Financial institutions using JHC can easily utilize the integrated economic wealth projections that until now have only been available in the institutional markets. We look forward to working even more closely with JHC and building on our existing relationship. We are currently working with a number of Tier 1 banks, such as ABN AMRO, Skandia and ING Bank, as well as disruptors like UK based robo-adviser Munnypot and Germany’s Union VisualVest, who are servicing hundreds of thousands of end clients with our planning engine. We are ready to build on this client base.”

John Blackman CEO at JHC, says: “There is definitely demand among many of our clients for fully serviced financial planning technology and our partnership with Ortec Finance means we will now be able to deliver this at the highest standard. Our Digital Wealth Platform has already enabled us to improve efficiency and enhance the experience of end users and we want to continue to provide all the solutions that clients need. Enrolling Ortec Finance as a strategic partner will make sure we continue to have that competitive edge.”

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