Spain joins impact investing GSG

Spain has joined the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), the Global Working Group for Social Impact Investment, founded in 2013 by the G8. 

The official announcement was made at the CaixaForum in Madrid, during "Impact Revolution" day, an event organised by Foro Impacto, an association that dedicated to delivering on the objectives of the UN’s 2030 sustainable development agenda through the promotion of impact investments.
During the event, the constitution and composition of Spain’s National Advisory Council (NAB) was announced, a department formed by leaders of several companies and institutions, representing Spain at the GSG charged with implementing impact investment recommendations on a national level. The NAB Presidency will be occupied by 

Juan Bernal, General Director of CaixaBank Asset Management has been appointed as NAB president.
Luis Ruiz de Munain, founder and executive director of Foro Impacto, says: ”The accession of Spain to the Global Steering Group assumes a breakthrough towards the impact economy, both on a national and global level, placing Spain at the forefront of impact investment. This accession is a success in itself, but also an important milestone in our country, as for the first time, the referents of the sector in Spain have joined together to generate a consensus around the investment of impact, collecting a wide diversity of opinions. We achieved this historic milestone, with the aid of Foro Impacto we will continue to promote an impacting ecosystem, under the auspices of the GSG, working side by side with the National Advisory Council, Spain NAB, to reach through the 17 objectives of Sustainable development (ODS) of Agenda 2030 of the United Nations of investment impact.”
Bernal says: “The market of investment impact, that from Spain NAB we want to impulse and help grow in our country, is a meeting point between companies and investors, not only to fix prices and generate liquidity but also for the intention to generate a measurable impact, but without abruptly abandoning an old and loved friend: the financial profit adjusted by the risk.

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