Pramol Dhawan, PIMCO

PIMCO launches PIMCO GIS Emerging Markets Opportunity Fund

Fixed income investment firm PIMCO has launched the PIMCO GIS Emerging Markets Opportunity Fund, which applies a flexible approach to invest in a wide range of fixed income securities issued by companies or governments economically tied to emerging market countries.

It aims to provide diversification benefits, while reducing volatility and providing investors with a more stable stream of returns over a full market cycle compared to traditional emerging markets beta strategies. 

The fund is managed by Pramol Dhawan (pictured), Managing Director and Head of the Emerging Markets Portfolio Management team. 
Designed to access opportunities across different emerging market segments, the fund may invest in hard or local currency debt, investment grade and non-investment grade securities as well as emerging markets currencies. 

Dhawan says: “Emerging markets debt is an inherently inefficient asset class due to factors such as incomplete information, periods of diminished market liquidity and relative value distortions. We aim to harness these inefficiencies by capturing most of the upside potential of the asset class while limiting the downside.” 

Ryan Blute, PIMCO Managing Director and Head of Global Wealth Management EMEA, adds: “We believe that this strategy can play an important role in an investor’s portfolio in several respects: as a core emerging market bond allocation, a complement to existing emerging market exposure or as part of a broader global credit portfolio.”
PIMCO GIS Emerging Markets Opportunity Fund is accessible in a variety of share classes in different currencies, depending on client requirements. PIMCO’s UCITS-compliant Global Investor Series (GIS) fund range comprises 61 sub-funds with USD158.6 billion under management as of 31 March 2019. With daily liquidity, investors can gain exposure to a broad range of asset classes, from the more traditional global and regional core fixed income funds, through credit portfolios, to expanding equity, asset allocation and alternative solutions.

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