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IFM Investors takes steps to cut infrastructure carbon footprint

Global institutional funds manager IFM Investors has released its 2018 Infrastructure Carbon Footprint Report, demonstrating its commitment to reducing emissions and ensuring the firm’s infrastructure assets around the globe are well-positioned to transition to a low carbon future.

IFM Investors is establishing emissions reduction targets and pathways for its infrastructure portfolio, while continuing to measure its emissions footprint and committing to reporting annually on these metrics. 

The firm’s Executive Director of Responsible Investment Chris Newton says: “Setting reduction targets and being accountable to these targets is key to protecting our investment value and delivering environmental benefits for society.”

IFM Investors’ carbon footprint analysis contributes to its understanding of the relative impacts of investments and sectors and enables the firm to work closely with its investments to design pathways for emissions reductions, a process that also includes detailed transition and physical risk assessments.

IFM Investors believes climate change poses a significant investment risk, resulting in environmental, social and economic consequences that can impact value over the short, medium and long term. 

“Ours is a genuine, long-term strategy to address a serious issue that confronts us today,” says Newton. “Success depends on us working collaboratively with our investee businesses, partners, regulators and other stakeholders.”

IFM Investors aims to lead the way on carbon reporting as it develops best practice reporting for investors and other stakeholders. The 2018 Carbon Footprint Report re-states the firm’s commitment to managing climate change risk. The report aims to send a clear signal to key stakeholders that that IFM Investors takes the climate challenge seriously and is accountable for its impact on the environments and communities in which it invests.

IFM Investors’ reporting on climate risks comes as part of its commitment to transparency, and its belief that the long-term strength and sustainability of the global economy is only possible if we have a healthy environment.

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