Franklin Templeton selects Elsen’s nPlatform for data-driven strategies

Franklin Templeton has deployed the Elsen nPlatform to provide its research and technology groups with scalable access to financial data.

By using the Elsen nPlatform, Franklin Templeton says technical and non-technical users will have faster access to concordant data so they can more quickly develop new, data-driven investment strategies. 
“The sources and volume of data for making investment decisions are steadily increasing, and this transformation of our data management platform will help us use data more efficiently,” says Chris Pham (pictured), SVP of data management and data science at Franklin Templeton. “The Elsen nPlatform takes the complexity out of data management by normalising and making hundreds of datasets from multiple vendors easily accessible and usable. This scalable platform accelerates our ability to use current and point-in-time data so we can develop strategies that meet our clients’ needs.”
The Elsen nPlatform gives asset managers a way to use incompatible data and modern technology to generate alpha, construct new products, and optimise data vendors. It allows any financial professional – quants, non-quants, and people in investment, research and analytics roles – to transform the way they work by letting them rapidly access and use data for analytics to guide investment decisions.
At Franklin Templeton, power users can now access data directly through an API, and non-technical users can leverage it through intuitive, web-based applications. In both instances, Elsen’s proprietary Turing complete programming language, Warp, powers analysis up to 50 times faster than traditional methods. In addition, using a consolidated source of data that has already been cleansed, normalised, and aggregated speeds time-to-value, and ensures a consistent output across teams.
“With over 70 years of experience in investment management, Franklin Templeton has proven that it can deliver excellent outcomes and help investors meet their goals through changing times,” says Zac Sheffer, co-founder and CEO of Elsen. “As the industry transforms to become more data-driven, Franklin Templeton continues to lead the way by adopting modern, agile technology that will redefine how its research and investment teams operate. Being able to work with another storied company in the financial industry is a source of great pride and validation for Elsen, showing that we’re really helping to move the industry forward.”