Warrington Asset Management Strategic UCITS Fund launches on MontLake UCITS Platform ICAV

Warrington Asset Management (Warrington) has launched the Warrington Strategic UCITS Fund on the MontLake UCITS Platform.

The Warrington Strategic UCITS Fund seeks to generate attractive absolute returns, non-correlated to traditional equity and bond markets, by investing in a portfolio of options on the highly liquid S&P 500 futures market. Warrington employs both technical and fundamental analysis to determine certain potential trading ranges for the S&P 500. Warrington then deploys a portfolio of options spreads, both long and short, on S&P 500 futures. Given the liquid nature of the S&P 500 options on futures market, Warrington is able to offer this UCITS product with daily liquidity. 
The fund will be led and managed by the CIO, Scott Kimple, who founded Warrington in 1997. Kimple has over 30 years of institutional investment experience and a proven track record of generating significant profits for investors in up, down and sideways markets. Assistant Portfolio Manager Mark Adams, who has been with Warrington for 17 years, will assist Kimple in managing the strategy.
Cyril Delamare (pictured), CEO of ML Capital, says: “We are excited to be partnering with Warrington on the launch of their UCITS fund.  The fund has a unique return profile and compliments our wide array of product offerings.  Warrington’s long history and track record of providing uncorrelated returns is something we are very pleased to offer to our investors.”
Scott Kimple, CIO and Founder of Warrington, says: “We are pleased to enter into the UCITS space in partnership with ML Capital to launch the Warrington Strategic UCITS Fund. Having managed the strategy for the last 21 years, we are delighted to provide the European investor community greater access to our option strategy that has been delivered consistent and non-correlated returns and we very much look forward to our venture here.”