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Montanaro Asset Management Live on Charles River's IBOR

Montanaro Asset Management, a London based asset manager, has implemented Charles River’s Investment Book of Record (IBOR) to provide portfolio managers and traders with up to date position and cash information in the Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS).  

Montanaro has used Charles River IMS for portfolio management, compliance and trading over the last six years.
Charles River’s IBOR provides real-time position and cash updates to the front office, independent of back-office accounting systems and custodians. By ensuring timely delivery of data for front-office activities, Montanaro has been able to remove the need for proprietary tools and manual reconciliation.
“The implementation of the IBOR module has fulfilled our need for an enclosed system with position and reconciliation histories,” says Mark Petar, Head of Systems, Montanaro Asset Management. “Plus, with accurate intraday cash updates we can remain fully invested.”
“Managers and traders need accurate position data, and that’s what IBOR delivers,” says Gavin Lavelle, Managing Director, EMEA, Charles River. “Charles River’s IBOR also supports a consolidated view of holdings across asset classes, and reduces the likelihood of trading errors due to stale position data.”

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