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Sally Crane, Linedata

Linedata integrates technology platform with Linedata QRMO Outsourcing Services

Linedata has launched an integrated solution for asset managers across Asia, combining Linedata technology with Linedata QRMO middle-office, shadow accounting and portfolio risk monitoring and reporting services.

Linedata acquired Hong Kong based Quality Risk Management & Operations (QRMO) in August 2017, adding market leading outsourcing services to its front to back office technology platform, and enhancing its presence in Asia.
The new solution is designed to provide users with the ability to work in one shared and hosted environment, reducing the need for reconciliations, and benefit from operational expertise beyond a “help-desk” model, with the Linedata QRMO team running the Linedata technology platform and thereby ensuring peak performance. In addition, Linedata says the solution provides beneficial pricing with the integrated technology/servicing model, and improved risk mitigation for end clients through using a single platform.
Linedata’s integrated platform services approach has also been designed to help fund managers effectively manage the impact of upcoming Securities and Futures Commission’s (SFC) enhanced guidance to the Fund Manager Code of Conduct (FMCC), coming into force in November 2018. The innovative software and services combination addresses FMCC compliance challenges in a quick and timely manner, including order management, valuation of trades, securities lending, stress testing and risk management.
Leveraging Linedata’s expertise, asset management firms can gain a better understanding of impending regulatory obligations, identify how a risk management framework can add value to their business and better understand how these new regulations can be applied proportionate to firm size and type.
Sally Crane (pictured), Managing Director, Linedata Asia, says: “We have developed a solution that integrates the strengths of Linedata technology and QRMO’s services in response to evolving investor and regulatory demands for transparency and robust operational infrastructure. The move allows our expert services team to leverage Linedata’s advanced technology and provide our clients with enhanced flexibility, scalability and performance in meeting their business objectives.”

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