VanEck launches real asset ETF

VanEck has launched the VanEck Vectors Real Asset Allocation ETF (NYSE Arca: RAAX), a fund that is designed to seek long-term total return from exposure to a range of real assets, including commodities and companies involved in natural resources, real estate, and infrastructure, while mitigating downside risk.

“VanEck has been a long-time proponent of the benefits of real asset investments, both from a performance and portfolio diversification perspective. We also understand that the volatility of real asset investing is a challenge for many investors,” says David Schassler, Portfolio Manager for RAAX. “These are predominantly cyclical sectors that experience frequent periods of high volatility. RAAX was specifically designed to address this. It is a real asset investment solution with built in risk management.”
RAAX is designed to provide exposure to real assets while seeking to minimize the impact of drawdowns. Real assets can potentially help investors combat rising inflation, enhance portfolio diversification, and participate in global growth. The new fund uses a rules-based model to allocate among approximately 12 ETPs and has the ability to allocate up to 100 per cent to cash and cash equivalents in the event of market stress. The ETPs provide exposure to agribusiness, coal, infrastructure, real estate, steel, oil services, unconventional oil & gas, and gold mining companies as well as diversified commodity futures exposure and physical gold.
“RAAX is the type of solution-oriented ETF our investors expect from us” says Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product at VanEck. “Its innovative allocation and risk-management methodology is indicative of VanEck’s commitment to offering forward-thinking investment solutions.”

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