ThinkMarkets launches blockchain-powered multi-asset exchange

ThinkMarkets is to launch a new multi-asset blockchain-based exchange, TradeConnect, which will allow investors to trade a wide range of financial products such as FX, commodities, precious metals, equities and cryptocurrencies.

TradeConnect will allow peer-to-peer trading between individuals and institutions, removing the need for an intermediary. The exchange will use artificial intelligence to build digital personas for investors, so that each trade is matched on the network with the right participant as quickly as possible and at the best price. This significantly reduces trading costs and stabilises pricing on the exchange, to create a more level playing field. The exchange is powered by blockchain technology, which delivers greater transparency for traders and reduces the time needed to settle a trade (from days to seconds), compared with a traditional brokerage.
In H1 2017 the value of FX markets, stock, futures, commodities and OTC derivatives markets stood at over USD542 trillion, and Blockchain represents first major opportunity to disruption these markets since the introduction of electronic trading.
ThinkConnect is the first blockchain exchange for multi-asset trading, and will go live in Alpha in April 2018.