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Patrick Beaudan, Emotomy

Emotomy launches Emotomy Turbo for asset managers

Emotomy has launched Emotomy Turbo, which enables asset managers to create white-label digital portals for their external distribution partners, personalised with the partner's brand, pre-loaded with the investment firm's products, and seamlessly integrated with the asset managers' custodians and other select service providers.

Emotomy clients can instantaneously create and manage an unlimited number of cloud-based white-label portals for their distributors. These portals are cloned from the asset managers' customised Emotomy platforms, incorporating their investment products, marketing documents, account opening and CRM integrations, compliance features, and tools to facilitate day-to-day interaction between investors and advisors. Emotomy Turbo empowers distributors to interact with their investors through these turn-key portals using their own firm names, logos and contact information, which helps streamline marketing, onboarding, client reporting and compliance oversight. The platform allows asset managers to manage, monitor and review all aspects of their distributors' marketing and onboarding activities.
According to Emotomy CEO Patrick Beaudan (pictured): "Asset management firms have always relied on external distribution partners to sell products. Emotomy Turbo helps asset managers differentiate themselves by offering pre-loaded, maintenance-free digital portals that are easy to use and personalised for each external advisor, financial planner and broker. Client-facing advisors can offer mobile, interactive, on-demand and personalised services while maintaining human-touch client relationships."   

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