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Sanjiv Sawhney, Head of Fund Services, Investor Services, Citi.

Citi launches enhanced liquidity and portfolio analytics capabilities for funds of hedge funds clients

Citi has expanded its global capabilities for administration and custody services to assist fund managers in establishing a more efficient, informed and effective investment process.

As liquidity terms and conditions have changed and evolved in the fund marketplace, with investor level gates becoming more prominent in the hedge fund community, Citi has kept pace with the evolving needs of its clients. Citi has implemented an enhanced liquidity module which incorporates investor level gates. With these new capabilities, clients can more accurately predict the underlying liquidity of their respective hedge fund investments. This gives the clients the tools they need when monitoring the liquidity of the fund. Citi has also further integrated the custody trade order management system so clients can now better track the entire trade life cycle on a single platform.

In addition, Citi's advanced hedge fund analytics module enables portfolio managers to perform multiple statistical analyses, peer group comparisons and benchmarking with hedge fund indices. The platform performs these analyses on the managers' FoF and individual hedge funds the manager is invested in. The platform integrates information so that managers can view both the actual investment returns from existing funds along side potential hedge fund investments they are considering. Managers also have the ability to track potential investments and generate return analyses both pre and post investment.

"As investors in funds of hedge funds demand more information on liquidity and portfolio performance, these new features become critical for managers," says Sanjiv Sawhney (pictured), Head of Fund Services, Investor Services, Citi. "In today's environment, clients need solutions designed specifically for funds of hedge funds to be able to make informed decisions."

Citi OpenInvestor for funds of hedge funds integrates front, middle and back office services to provide managers with greater access to an application of data, improved visibility into investments and a service experience that includes liquidity and capital markets support. Citi currently has $52.11 billion in assets under administration as of March 30, 2012 for funds of hedge funds.

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