Northern Trust enhances risk monitoring tools

Northern Trust has enhanced its Easy Event Reporting tool to provide clients with expanded options for monitoring exposure to multiple types of risk, including credit, liquidity, concentration and regulatory risk.

Easy Event Reporting allows clients to trigger an inquiry for a specific business need and to receive comprehensive data and analytics to guide decisions.

Available through Northern Trust's online platform, Passport, the enhanced tools integrate data mining on multiple risk exposure categories in order to answer client requests.

The new risk categories available in the Easy Events Reporting tool include: monitoring market/concentration risk; monitoring credit/counterparty risk; monitoring liquidity risk; and monitoring regulatory risk.

"We continually work to improve the level of transparency available to our clients," says Paul d'Ouville, head of global product management for corporate and institutional services at Northern Trust. "These enhancements to Easy Event Reporting allow clients to more easily view currency and other risk exposure in their portfolios, and help address key risk management tasks that have become a top priority."

For example, a client may need to assess the level of financial risk if an obligation will not be paid and a loss will result. This situation is addressed through the monitoring credit/counterparty risk report, which integrates data on bond ratings and counterparty exposure.

"The intuitive nature of Easy Event Reporting matches Northern Trust solutions with business situations encountered by institutional investors, providing a daily snapshot of exposure in each portfolio," says Debra Clayton, reporting product manager for Northern Trust. "The new risk monitoring tools in Easy Event Reporting are available for all clients and investment managers on a global basis who need to watch risk exposures in their portfolios. In today's economic environment, these tools offer speed and fundamental risk exposure analysis."