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Owais Rana, Conning

Conning launches interactive LDI tool for pension plan sponsors and advisers

Conning, an investment manager serving institutional investors, has launched a free Liability-Driven Investing (LDI) tool, the Conning Pension Risk Analyzer, on its website.

The interactive tool allows pension plan sponsors and their advisers to examine the potential risks and rewards associated with their plan's asset allocation.
The Analyzer helps users evaluate how different investment strategies, including a customised LDI framework, might benefit their plan during adverse market conditions. Additionally, the Analyzer illustrates a process for evolving the plan’s current investment strategy toward a target strategy based on downside risk mitigation, thereby increasing the likelihood of protecting the plan’s funded status.
“Investment and risk management objectives vary across plan sponsors, as do understandings of what an LDI approach can offer. The Conning Pension Risk Analyzer aims to address both of these challenges by allowing plan sponsors and their advisers to navigate through a self-guided and easy-to-use system that is similar to many individuals’ online 401K financial planning tools,” says Owais Rana (pictured), a managing director and head of investment solutions at Conning. “The merits of adopting a customised LDI framework will be evident as users walk through our six-step process.”
“It is especially important for plan sponsors to review the Analyzer’s concise assessment of how well-matched a plan’s assets are to its liabilities. Our experienced LDI team is available to provide further guidance on structuring and implementing a customised LDI strategy for plans of all sizes, whether they are intending to implement a pension risk transfer or maintain a closely matched strategy,” adds Rana
In January 2017, Conning launched a pooled fund suite focused solely on LDI solutions for US corporate pension plans. This pooled fund suite, structured as a Collective Investment Trust (CIT) vehicle, offers pension plans the option of customising an LDI strategy by mixing and matching the funds in order to effectively achieve specific hedging objectives. The CIT can also be used by plans in the context of completion management, including credit spread completion, depending on where plans are in their de-risking glidepath.

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