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Nikko Asset Management adopts Japan’s Stewardship Code

Nikko Asset Management has adopted the Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors, also known as Japan’s Stewardship Code.

Japan’s Stewardship Code was established under the auspices of the Japanese Financial Services Agency in February 2014 as a guide for institutional investors to “promote sustainable growth of investee companies and enhance the medium- and long-term investment return for clients and beneficiaries.”
Nikko AM takes a global approach to the Code, focusing on the core components of stewardship.
Nikko Asset Management's primary mission is to fulfil its fiduciary duty to clients and beneficiaries, and this is its perspective in adopting Japan’s Stewardship Code. The company aims to increase medium- and long-term returns on investors’ assets by analysis of and appropriate engagement with investee companies and the exercising of voting rights.
Nikko Asset Management will regularly review and announce its perspective on the firm's stewardship adoption policies and principles.

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