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Emerging market

RS Investments launches emerging markets small cap fund

Tue, 04/03/2014 - 12:07

RS Investments has launched the RS Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund (RSMSX), which is managed by Michael Reynal, portfolio manager and head of RS Investments’ emerging markets investment team.

RS Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund will offer both retail and institutional share classes.
“We continuously strive to provide our clients with investment management solutions that match their growing asset allocation needs,” says Matthew Scanlan, CEO of RS Investments. “Mike has brought a strong investment philosophy to our emerging markets offerings, combining quantitative analysis and fundamental research with a disciplined risk management process to find companies across the market cap spectrum. We are excited to be able to leverage this investment approach with our new small-cap fund.”
Reynal says: “As the economies of developed countries slowly improve, they are likely to spark increased demand for consumer goods and services from foreign partners. The small-cap investment universe offers more exposure to the steady growth of local economies while limiting exposure to global macroeconomic swings. Applying our stock selection process in a small-cap offering will allow us to better take advantage of the opportunities in emerging markets.”
Reynal and his ten-person team are located in key markets around the globe, including the US, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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