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A total of EUR1.16trn was turned over at the cash markets of Deutsche Börse during 2013, the same amount as the previous year.

Order book turnover on Xetra, the Xetra Frankfurt specialist trading and Tradegate stood at EUR85.4bn in December (December 2012: EUR68.3bn).
Of the EUR85.4bn, EUR77.2bn were attributable to Xetra (December 2012: EUR62.5bn). EUR4.2bn were attributable to the Xetra Frankfurt specialist trading (December 2012: EUR3.5bn). Order book turnover on Tradegate Exchange totalled approximately EUR4.0bn in December (December 2012: EUR2.4bn).

In equities, turnover reached EUR72.8bn on Deutsche Börse’s cash markets (Xetra: EUR67.1bn, Xetra Frankfurt specialist trading: EUR2.0bn, Tradegate Exchange: EUR3.6bn). Turnover in bonds was EUR898.2m, and in structured products on Scoach EUR1.2bn. Order book turnover in ETFs/ETCs/ETNs amounted to EUR10.3bn.

A total of 13.1 million transactions were executed on Xetra in December (December 2012: 10.4 million). The average daily turnover on Xetra was EUR4.3bn (December 2012: EUR3.7bn).

The DAX security with the highest turnover in December was BASF SE at EUR3.8bn. Metro AG led the MDAX equities at EUR556.4m, while C.A.T. Oil AG topped the SDAX equity index with EUR156.3m, and Freenet AG headed TecDAX with EUR228.4m. The ETF with the highest turnover on Xetra was iShares DAX with EUR938.8m.

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