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Euroclear clients deposited a record EUR23trn of assets for safekeeping and asset servicing with the Euroclear group of national and international central securities depositories in 2012.

This trillion euro increase is part of a wider and longer-term trend where the company’s growth rate in various measures of operating performance surpassed its nearest competitors.

The launch in July 2012 of Euroclear's global "Collateral Highway" introduces a new collateral management and securities financing benchmark for the Euroclear group. By year-end 2012, the Collateral Highway mobilised EUR700bn of securities as collateral each day to a wide range of collateral takers. The Collateral Highway links commercial and investment banks, supranationals, central banks, central counterparties and other capital market infrastructure providers across time zones and markets.

Tim Howell, chief executive officer of Euroclear SA/NV, says: "The uncertainty and volatility of local and international capital markets have shaped our 2012 operating results. Above all, the trust that our clients place with us to safeguard their assets under such risk-prone market conditions is clearly evidenced in the EUR 23trn record attained in 2012. Moreover, providing deeper and more diverse pools of securities to be used as collateral, via the Collateral Highway, has attracted many new collateral givers and takers, as well as business partners, to Euroclear in order to better manage liquidity, credit and counterparty risks. In this regard, our relative peer performance is strong."

As trading volumes varied by country and asset class in 2012, operating performance fluctuated among the Euroclear entities, with some experiencing year-over-year gains in some measures while declining in others.

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